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Patient registration from

Please, print and fill the form and bring it with you to your appointment.

Brain Injury / Concussion form

Should you have experienced a traumatic brain injury or accident, please also fill out the form below and bring to your appointment.

Controlled Substance Agreement

All patients undergoing procedures are required to complete and sign a controlled substance agreement as well as a Urine drug screen policy agreement. Should the need arise to prescribe certain restricted medications, this agreement will be on file in your record.

Important note about your initial evaluation

Our Physician Assistant (PA) has advanced training and extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical and spinal disorders. He work closely with our physician, both in the office and in the operating room. He often provides the initial evaluation and orders the appropriate diagnostic tests for patients, enabling us to expedite your care. Our PA also spend extra time with patients, providing education and follow-up care. He is qualified to perform office procedures and renew medications under the supervision of our doctor.

Post-Operative Instructions - Spine​

The following is a list of instructions for your convalescence, following your spine surgery. This includes cervical discectomies and fusions (ACDF) , lumbar microdiscectomies, lumbar laminectomies, and lumbar spinal fusions.

These represent general instructions to be used as guidelines. They may be modified for an individual patient.

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